Aims and objectives of the trust

  • Preaching and teaching through electronic media and print media like T.V channel Programmes and Magazines books. Preaching and teaching from the Bible and conducting seminars to establish and create a spiritual knowledge and giving training to the people in general.
  • To plant churches through various activities such as preaching, teaching, evangelizing, personal evangelism and through distribution of Gospel materials (Books, tracks, CD’s, Videos etc.)
  • To promote The love of Jesus Christ and Good News through tracks, oral, books, films, disc and cultural Programmes.
    1. To Conduct Gospel crusades all over the world to reach the unreached
    2. Running Bible institutions
    3. Church planting
    4. Music Ministry
    5. Ministry among youth
    6. Gospel through Media ministry
    7. Counselling Centres
    8. Ministry among Children
    9. Online prayers
    10. Printing christian Magazines.
  • To Provide Free education as well as books and note books at subsidised rate to the deserving candidates. By starting educational institutions for diffusion of knowledge or by rendering financial or other support to the poor children
  • To Promote and foster rehabilitation as well as to develop those physically handicapped through rehabilitation and deployment programmes.
  • To organize programmes such as giving tailoring and computer training to equip the young women in the society to develop their skills and to make self employment so that they can generate income to maintain their life style.
  • To provide Adult Education Programme through private and Postal tuition and by audio visual equipment.
  • To give special coaching for students such as conducting tuition and special classes who are unable to offered for the same.
  • To provide special facilities for the education of physically handicapped and disabled and identify the inherent talents among youth and helping them to develop the same by providing financial assistance.
  • Being a charity institution providing food as well as clothes to the poor people during the festival times such as Christmas and New Year.
  • To Visit hospitals to pray for the sick people and to provide things like blankets, food items and grocery items. Conducting eye medical camps and health checkup medical camps
  • To build up HIV & AIDS Care Centres and to provide needed help to such people.
  • To Organize self help groups and train and motivate the members with a view to develop their skills and mobilizing funds for the self-employment opportunities.
  • To Provide special and free medical aid to the victims of flood and draught affected areas and accidents spots.
  • To Promote cordiality amity, harmony and better understanding among members of Public irrespective of Religion, Caste, Creed, Sect, Language or other consideration to promote and achieve universal brotherhood.
  • To organize Poor feeding, providing free meals and accommodation at Pilgrim centres on daily basis or on festive occasions without considering caste, creed, religion etc.
  • To Promote various Indian traditions and culture within the country and outside in the field of art, music, dance, painting, handicraft and identify the inherent talents among youth and helping them to develop the same by providing financial assistance.
  • To Arrange marriages and other facilities to the poor and needy.
  • To conduct poor feeding periodically. Staring Orphanages, conducting Sunday Schools, conducting academic education, human personality development, spoken English & Hindi, Computer coaching, Physical developments and sports (Money, products & material etc.)
  • To conduct New life counselling, creating awareness programmes, pastors’ seminars, welfare seminars, evangelism, church plantation, outreach programmes, supplying clothes and all related relief work.
  • Any other objects (which are not specifically mentioned herein above) which the Board of Trustees may include by means of Resolution which shall be deemed as the additional objects of the Association prospectively.